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Hot Body, Cool Mind

About us




Welcome to our studio.

Welcome to our community.


At Hot Yoga Gent we believe in the transformation power of yoga and mobility.
We strive to provide a safe and welcoming space for like-minded movement enthusiasts to practice and grow.
Hot yoga is a moving meditation combining asanas, breath work and heat.
Our certified teachers will guide and motivate you through all classes; it’s about working hard sensitively, working with the body and mind you brought that day.
All classes are designed to provide a challenging, therapeutic and unique yoga experience.
All levels are welcome.
We are committed to empower all practitioners to lead healthier, happier and more active lives.
Sign up today – be part of our Hot Yoga community.


See you in the hot room.




A set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, most performed twice, during a 90-minute practice. The lineage of this sequence originates from Gosh’s Yoga College of India.
Some benefits:
– toning and building muscle strength and flexibility
– nervous system function and spinal health
– preventing injuries
– stress alleviation, mental clarity, focus and discipline


The “little sibling” of our Hot90 class just shorter & tougher.
We cover all asanas during 60-minute session.
Get ready to sweat!


During the first 60 minutes we practise a set sequence comparative to our Hot90 class. It’s a one set practise adding some new postures to the routine. The Yin part at the end is a changing series of longer held, passive floor poses working deep into the connective tissue, expanding flexibility while stimulating the energy centres of the body to release blockages and increase energy flow.

All our classes are in English. 

We also offer private classes for groups and individuals. Contact us for more details.

First time


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Your First Time Questions Answered

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    How does a lesson go?

    How does a lesson go?

    Our certified teachers will lead and motivate you through all classes.

    Arriving early is always a good idea – no-one wants to rush to yoga class. Being in the hot room for a few minutes prior to the session is a great way to get comfortable with the temperature (between 38-42 C) and ready to move. Don’t go past your limits and take breaks if needed. Try staying in the room – sit or lie on your mat and focus on calm breathing. Join again when ready – no stress.
    We start and finish class together – after each session relax for a few minutes in savasana before hitting the showers.

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    What to bring to class?

    What to bring to class?

    Most of all bring your enthusiasm, passion, good spirit.

    – Comfortable yoga attire. You will want something breathable and quick-drying. (shorts, sports bra, tank top, capris…)
    – water bottle
    – change of clothes
    – an open mind
    * mat and towel are included in the Starter pack. Shower towels can be rented at HYG

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    What should I do before I come?

    What should I do before I come?

    Make a reservation for your first class preferably via email or phone.

    We will get back to you asap and schedule your Starter week.
    Hydrate well already 1-2 days before joining hot yoga, be well rested and wear light and comfortable sports clothes.
    Refrain from eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before practice.
    Come 20 minutes before your first class to our studio – you will fill in a registration form and we will talk you through all do’s and don’ts, check your injury history and give you general information to keep everyone safe and happy.
    Note: Please leave your bike in one of the bike stalls on the street around the yoga studio. We want our neighbours to stay happy as well. Thank you.

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    What about the next day?

    What about the next day?

    Reactions the next day can vary.

    It is perfectly normal to feel exhausted, sore or stiff after your first hot yoga class. Don’t let it keep you from coming back as soon as possible. With regular practice you will soon get acclimated to the temperature. Make hot yoga part of your weekly routine.

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    What can I expect?

    What can I expect?

    Expect to sweat.

    Hot yoga is an intense body&mind workout accessible for beginners while still challenging for advanced practitioners. Our hot yoga community will help you through tough beginnings and make you fall in love with the practice.
    For the best experience expect nothing and be open to everything.

    Schedule & Prices











    On Tuesdays 09/07 and 16/07 instead of Absolute/Yin class there will be Hot90 class.

    Gentse Feesten 2024 19/07 - 28/07








    All membership cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and have fixed expiry date. Cards can be frozen/prolonged only with a valid doctor’s note.




    Make an appointment by phone or online

    Use bike stalls on the streets around the studio

    Arrive on time - ensure some quiet time for everyone before getting started

    Check your mood at the door – be kind & respectful , we are in this together

    Remove your shoes at the entrance

    Always show your membership card without being asked – small effort for you , big help for us

    Pay immediately – cash or with bank transfer

    Mind your personal hygiene- go easy on deodorant & skip perfume

    Dress appropriately – underwear is a no no

    Keep the yogaroom clear – keep your belongings in our changing rooms

    Put phones & valuables in our lockers – sound off

    Be aware of your space – place your mat on a floor sticker

    Respect the silence in our hot room – before , during and after class

    Leave on time & join us soon again




    All event times are displayed based on UTC timezone.
    Sat, 07 Oct, 10:00 AM
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    • Christof


      Amazing positive vibes.
      Like the call of a mermaid… Irresistible!

    • 20191123_DSC7095-Edit


      Practising yoga gives me mental stillness and stability, the opportunity to realise what my body and mind needs and feels, it’s the door to my inner self, it gives me balance.
      It is so much more than flexibility and beauty goals.

    • Cindy-DeBleu

      Cindy D.B.

      I started Hot Yoga a couple of years ago and when entering the “studio” I felt immediately very welcome. The yoga teachers are very warm hearted and open to help where needed.

    • Reza


      Never thought I’d love it that much. It’s exhausting practice -crazy amount of concentration, sweat, but you always feel fantastic afterwards. Gotta say it without a doubt, this is the best discovery in all my years living in Belgium. Thank you Hot Yoga Gent!

    • Twiggy


      Yoga geeft je adem
      ook al slaat je hart op hol
      Yoga zorgt voor kracht
      zo kan je jezelf ont-vangen
      Yoga strekt zich uit
      in en rond de dagen
      lenig dansen
      op het ritme dat jou toebehoort

    • Paul


      For almost 10 years now I am enjoying the great yoga classes at Hot Yoga Gent! For me, the 1,5hour practice is a great combination of yoga, breathing, mindfulness, strength and flexibility. I love it!

    • Chico



    • Maryna


      Picture this: a world where sweat becomes your ally, where flexibility is your superpower, and where the heat brings forth a profound transformation. Welcome to the realm of hot yoga!

    • +

      Now, some might say that hot yoga is like doing yoga inside a volcano, but let me tell you, it’s more like doing yoga on the surface of the sun. From the moment you step into that sweltering room, your first Hot Yoga Class, you feel like a melting popsicle, contemplating life’s deepest questions while trying not to slip in your own perspiration.

      As the heat wraps around you like a warm, huggy Grosse Umarmung, you find yourself in a unique state of existence. It’s like being caught between two worlds—the world of timide discomfort and the world of absolute bliss. You start questioning your life choices, wondering how you ended up in a room that feels like a hamam with no lavender salt, luckily, contorting your body in ways you never imagined possible. But hey, don’t give up that easily, it’s all part of the journey, right?

      Jokes aside, the struggle is real. Every drop of sweat becomes a tiny sacrifice to the best of your near future. And as you sweat and wobble, you realize that your life, too, is a series of challenges that make everyone of us stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. Especially, mentally. It’s in those moments of survival celebrations, your triumphs, where you manage to hold a Balancing Stick pose without looking like a broken umbrella and you hear “not bad even for Maryna”, that you discover the obvious connection between discipline, stamina and personal growth. Your stamina. And your growth.

      But, please, let’s not forget – hot yoga is FUN. When you’re surrounded by a room full of fellow-yogis struggling to maintain their balance in a state of profuse sweating, it’s hard not to find humor in the chaos. In the days when your focus is elsewhere.. (And that’s OK not to have your focus sometimes, it’s a part of a process..). You might catch a glimpse of someone’s hilarious facial expression as they attempt a pretzel-like posture Standing Bow Pose, or witness a scary Joker Smile right next to you during the Full Locust,… by the way, that smile is one of the regular “demands” you can’t escape during the class. Laughter becomes the soundtrack of this beautifully absurd journey. And I love it!

      After a few years of practice, personal guidance of the Hot Yoga Gent teachers, online classes, workshops, healed injuries, deep conversations and unique discussion after the classes, – hot yoga has stolen my heart forever and brought me to becoming a yoga teacher!

      Becoming a yoga teacher wasn’t just about sharing the physical poses and techniques. It was a spontaneous decision, a jump through the Corona times to freedom of choices, -it felt it was about serving others and guiding them through the sweltering room of self-discovery, where everyone who comes could find strength, flexibility, and a deeper understanding of themselves…Like I found mine ones.

      It feels right to claim, that life in its own is like a hot yoga class—challenging, sweaty, and filled with unexpected surprises. Embrace the heat, and let it guide all of you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.


      …and bring your favourite towel with you because we are going to sweat!

    • Kapalabhati

      Cindy B.

      Hot yoga is voor mij de beste combinatie van fysieke workout en tegelijk mentale ontspanning. Doordat het tempo van de poses relatief snel is, maar ook gevarieerd, zijn er zoveel verschillende spieren om op te focussen, dat je geen tijd hebt om af te dwalen in gedachten over het werk of het huishouden. 1,5 u gedachteloos maar toch gefocust sporten beschouw ik echt als een luxe. Daarna de high ervaren, moe maar o zo voldaan. Hot yoga is de eerste lessen best lastig, maar je bouwt verbazend snel op. Het is een verslavende sport. Een verslaving van de goeie soort.

    • Kai


      On 13th June 2016 I had my first class at Hot Yoga Gent. Prior to this I had no experience in practicing yoga at all. But Karel and Mareike are experienced instructors who are enthusiastic in guiding yogis at any level. Throughout these years I have learned more about my body and mind. Yoga is a life practice and I am grateful to have Karel and Mareike guiding me in this journey.

    • Luanda


      I’ve been practicing Hot Yoga for about three years now and it has become an essential part of my wellbeing. It has helped me to overcome difficult moments of crisis in my life and allowed me to grow stronger physically and emotionally, and become more resilient.
      On the floor, we sweat and clean all toxins off our bodies, we empty our minds and reorganise our thoughts. Hot Yoga is a wonderful way to achieve discipline and reach for personal growth.

    • Virginie


      I have been doing hot yoga for over 10 years at this studio. Hot yoga helps me in different ways, first of all it keeps me flexible and “in shape”. It is a full body and mind workout and that brings me to the second point, the mind. During and after the class I am completely relaxed and have an “empty” head. My practice helps me get through difficult times and keeps me focussed. Last but not least, this studio is full of lovely souls. I would recommend to everyone. Give it a try, it’s worth it!

    • Ann-Van-Dessel-2

      Ann V.D.

      Hot Yoga Gent became part of my life as it is a never ending journey for both my body and mind. It keeps me challenged, balanced, connected… the sequence may be the same yet each class is different because your body or mindset is different but in 90 (or 60) minutes you travel from hell to heaven, that’s for sure.

    • Debbie


      Life is very hectic and often I need some time to escape. That is why I come to hot yoga: I consider it one-on-one quality time with my mind and body. After leaving the hot room, I feel so detoxed and relaxed and more aware of everything. Every class feels different, and everyone else’s body is capable of different things. That’s the beauty of it!

    • Alfredo


      I started practicing while recovering from an arm injury. Guided by wonderful and inspiring teachers it’s being an incredibly humbling process that is allowing me to develop a happier and healthier version of myself.

    • +

      Not only have I developed way more self-discipline but also I’ve learnt to be kinder to myself. And although there’s always a moment during every class when I wonder why I am doing this again, I always come back to this little hot corner of peace I cherish and am so grateful for.

    • Faiza


      Yoga means different things to different people. For me? I haven’t been practicing for very long – just a few months now. However, that hasn’t stopped me from stepping on my mat time and time again. 

    • +

      Moving to Belgium back in 2008 from Somalia, running long distances outside – despite the weather, mind you – was a way to both get acclimated to my new surroundings and to clear my mind. However, everything from the tarmac to bad running shoes weakened my knees. And about four years ago I stopped running, which I didn’t think much of, but still sorely missed. One fateful October evening, a very good friend of mine told me she was going to a hot yoga class and that I should join her, even if it was just for one class. I wasn’t that excited about the really hot room to be quite frank; the idea made me very irritable before I even stepped in class. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong: after my first session, I was so excited I survived the heat that I wanted more. I know… crazy right? Before I knew it, I was standing on my mat twice a week. That went up to three times a week. Now I practice four times a week and one of these fine days will challenge myself to do two classes in one day (apparently, this is possible, who knew?). Until then, I will be grateful for what yoga gives me: a challenge for my body mixed with peace of mind. A combination that truly liberates me and makes me feel better every time I step off my mat.

    • Ann-Malina

      Ann M.

      I started in 2013, I was curious on practicing in heat, but also afraid that repetition always over the same sequence was going to be so boring… But I’m still not bored by hot yoga! I like the combination of cardio, strength and flexibility. And they are all important to me.

    • +

      The classes are hard , and I think if it will get easy I quit ???? but still it isn’t easy , however you get used to it .You learn not to listen to your mind that will try to convince you that it’s to hot in the room that you have no breath … I like to work to even better postures, just a little further . However if I can keep me postures until I’m 60 I’m also happy . I found out that for me the hot yoga brings a lot of pain relief … i have a Rheumatic disease . Yes this is a strong motivation, as less pain is more energy. And I know that even on my bad days it feels beneficial to me and that I have some motivating teachers to help me through my bad days . Yes it’s true I’m a little addicted to hot yoga, but it doesn’t hurt.

    • Erland


      I started doing Hot Yoga in the beginning of the pandemic. Already after the first lesson I felt my body loosened up. I was more flexible, and felt more alive in a way, my hole skeleton somehow felt more mobile.

    • +

      For lack of a better description, you feel as if you got that body back that you had when you were in your twenties. That feeling usually lasts till the next day, at least. If, like me, you do yoga several times a week for a prolonged period of time, it can even last for a few weeks. Not doing yoga for several days is something I like to avoid though, as I miss it after a day or two. The most important reason for doing yoga for me, personally, is that it greatly lifts my mood. It literally makes me happy. This is probably because of the warm atmosphere (pun intended) at Hot Yoga Ghent. Seldom have I visited places that made me feel more welcome and accepted than here. So if you come to Hot Yoga you will bathe in your own sweat, sure. But you will also be showered with kindness. That is why I do hot Yoga – to fill up on positive energy. Your mileage may vary; I like to come about five times a week. Last but not least, the teachers are very experienced and have a vast knowledge of yoga as well as human anatomy. They provide guidance for people recovering from an injury or illness, and will tell the practitioner how to adjust or even replace certain postures as to keep the practice healthy in all circumstances.
So! Do something good for yourself and come do yoga with us! I mean, what else are you gonna do in the evening? Watch TV? Get off the couch and on the mat, I *guarantee* you will not regret it.

    • Jodie


      I warmly recommend giving yourself the gift of a starter’s week to experience the incredible benefits Hot Yoga Gent has to offer you. I guarantee a serotonin and dopamine shot after class, and the occasional sore muscles.

    • +

      You can expect a welcoming and safe environment, highly skilled teachers who guide and encourage you, and fellow yogis who got your back. The classes have a remarkably positive impact, both physically and mentally. Every class is different, and I believe it offers you what you need the most at that certain time. This recommendation comes with a warning: there is a good chance that you will get hooked.

    • Tine


      I rarely exercised and fitness did not appeal to me. After the birth of my children, I tried hot yoga because I was looking for an outlet, a way to escape and keep myself healthy. It has become so much more than that.

    • +

      Hot yoga calms my mind and teaches me to focus. In the hot room there is nothing but a mat and myself. It is a relief to look myself in the eye on that square meter and to work so intensely. After every session my body feels different but especially my head gets priceless rest. We are now 10 years later and I still practice hot yoga. Sometimes I go twice a week, sometimes there is a month-long break in between. What is certain is that I find my way back to my mat every time. Time and again, hot yoga pulls me back. Hot yoga for me means meditation, perseverance and learning to love my body. It helps me find peace in a world that occasionally goes crazy. It’s my medicine.

    • Jan


      Gent, 26 mei 2023. Fris maar zonnig lenteweer. Ik pak mijn spullen uit mijn fietszak en pak mijn yoga mat vast. Vanaf terrasjes kijken toeristen en inwoners toe. Niet-yogi’s. De leegheid van die levens schokt me.

    • +

      Vanuit de omliggende straten komen ze druppelsgewijs aan met veelkleurige yogamatten onder de arm. Yogi’s. We begroeten elkaar glimlachend. We weten waarom we hier zijn: als we ons niet goed in ons vel voelen dan hebben we dringend een yoga sessie nodig en als we ons wel goed voelen dan hebben we een yogales wel verdiend. Een jongen die ik niet ken vraagt of ik in vorm ben. Ik antwoord dat ik dat binnen 90 minuten zal weten.
      90 minuten in de intense hitte van de ruimte, de lucht zwaar van energie en intentie. Zweet parelt op onze voorhoofden terwijl onze lichamen zich plooien, buigen en strekken. Een dans van gratie en moed. Een eindeloze zoektocht naar perfectie en innerlijke harmonie. 90 minuten van afzien, op adem komen en dan toch maar weer doorzetten… en het gaat allemaal veel te snel voorbij!

    • Aude


      Hot Yoga and its studio: ‘Love and Connection’ springs to mind. From the very beginning Hot Yoga Gent truly felt like my second home. Karel and Mareike bear this natural flair to create a safe heaven, always embracing you with a warm welcome.

    • +

      Throughout the years many beautiful yogi souls crossed my path and overall I have found a greater sense of contentment, self awareness and gratitude. I got deeply connected to my own body and besides that I am beyond grateful that some of my most sacred friendships found their existence upstairs in the changing room. Over the past eleven years practicing hot yoga, I truly fell in love with it all: the studio, the energy, the mind over matter, the sweat, locking the knee, the postures, the yogis, the L from Linda, the heat, the positive suffering, the delightful and revitalized feeling after and…, last but not least, I discovered the genuine wisdom of my own body.Let me invite you to step out of your comfort zone and experience this class for at least one time, just to check if you will fall in love with it all just as much as I did my very first class. Enjoy, surrender and remember… if you still look good after class, you didn’t do it right 🙂

    • Serge


      Why I keep returning to Hot Yoga?
      Because every time I stop going, I always regret it…
      Over the (well over 10) years, there have been multiple times where, for some reason or another, I didn’t go for some time. But every one of those times, I started to miss it and, even more l felt the (negative) impact on my body and mind.
      The best (relaxing) night of your life? The coma-like sleep you will enjoy after the late night evening session on Tuesday – Absolute + Yin.

    • +

      The first couple of classes were tough because of the heat and different exercises but then I got used to it and now after exercising for about 1.5 hours you feel like a different person. You feel very relaxed but also exhausted at the same time. On top you sleep like a baby after doing hot yoga.
      These are the reason why I now try to join classes several times a week.
      I can advise everybody to join yoga regularly – it’s a life changer!

    • Pavlina


      My first time in the hot room was three months after giving birth to my second child. I was still breast-feeding which requires quite some liquid. I took the advice of Karel to heart and I drank enough water after the class. Or so I thought.

    • +

      Apparently I should have drunk double the amount. That night I had a very bad night, having a headache, feeling feverish, tossing and turning in my bed, unable to sleep. Luckily it didn’t put me off! It still took a year before I started coming regularly, but since then I just cannot imagine my life without hot yoga. I am also most grateful for the opportunities it has given me professionally and so proud to showcase my work with all the amazing models on this website.



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