Welcome everybody to Hot Yoga Gent!

We are more than excited to introduce you to this life changing style of hatha yoga giving back what it has given to us.

Hot Yoga is a moving meditation combining asana, breath work and heat. It cleanses your body and calms your mind. The certified teachers from Hot Yoga Gent will guide and motivate you through the class, focusing 100% on each individually. Watch your own body open, change and transform. Trust the process and you will find true happiness. In time, you learn to focus your mind and control your breath, leading to work harder, deeper and yet calmer. It's about working hard sensitively. As you improve this relationship, you will realize the meaning of yoga: union of body, mind and spirit.

Come and start this incredible journey now. Have an open heart and mind, be patient with yourself and enjoy! You will not be disappointed.

Heat up your life with Hot Yoga Gent !!!


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